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Towards one digitized and comprehensive global mobility journey

When improving your mobility processes, you encounter a lot of challenges. How do you make your moves more sustainable? How do you remain compliant with laws and regulations? How do you keep your pricing competitive? And how do you ensure an optimal experience for all parties involved?

The answer is one digital and seamlessly integrated process, realized by Bearing68°.

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The integrated digital platform for move and relocation technology

Meet our platform with integrated digital solutions for corporate employers, relocation management companies and international moving companies. Bearing68° digitally supports global mobility processes by developing and connecting your digital application landscape.

This way, we help you make better and well informed decisions.

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On Bearing68° you will find solutions for issuing real time prices and booking a move, taking out insurance, performing surveys and managing customer satisfaction. We provide global mobility parties with modern and integrated systems that enable stakeholders to make better and well-informed decisions.

The sustainability program for the moving and global mobility industry that enables you to compensate the CO2 emission of your moves, increase the sustainability of your company’s global mobility program, and improve the mobility experience for mobility managers and transferees.

Automate the pricing, distribution or booking process of your international and domestic moves. The web-based system matches service orders in real-time and leads you to the best qualified suppliers. For easy pricing and quoting.

A carefree move starts with Bolster Insurance, an easy-to-use, centralized tool to arrange move insurance. Simply register your move, specify the items to be moved and be assured of the perfect coverage. Moreover, movers get rewarded for every claim-free move.

Guiding the global mobility industry to the future

The world of global mobility is always moving. Macro-economic developments, laws and regulations, and changing needs of transferees force you to continuously renew and improve mobility processes. 

How do you achieve more sustainable business processes and transport methods? How do you keep up with ever-changing legislation on immigration, posted workers and visas? And how do you offer the smooth customer experience that transferees expect?

Bearing68° offers you the digital solutions to help you tackle these challenges and meet customer needs. And if your existing applications do not work well together yet, Bearing68° helps you digitize and transform the entire customer journey and seamlessly integrate your application landscape.

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Relocation Management

Your customer satisfaction right on course. Improve the customer experience of transferees and clients by implementing tools that increase the transparency of your processes.

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Global Mobility Management

Gain insight and control over your mobility processes. Let technology take care of your administrative and control tasks, so you can focus on your core activities.

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International Movers

Your route to reliable processes and results. Use technology to operate efficiently and offer a great service experience.

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Your route towards a seamless digital customer journey

Do you already use digital solutions for your sub-processes? But do your applications not yet work together? Then integrate your solutions with the Bearing68° platform for one seamlessly integrated global mobility process.

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