How we integrate

Do you already use digital solutions for your sub-processes? But do your applications not yet work together? Then integrate your solutions with the Bearing68° platform for one seamlessly integrated global mobility process.

Digital solutions can improve and support your relocation and mobility processes immensely. But if your solutions operate in isolation, you're still doing a lot of redundant work. You will then not benefit optimally from digitally supported processes.

Bearing68° develops integrated solutions that are open to data sharing to counteract information silos. We aim for optimal process transparency and standardization, therefore our solutions work together seamlessly. This improves cooperation between professionals and interaction with transferees.

Do you want to integrate your third party software solutions with the Bearing68° platform? Find out how we realize your seamlessly integrated digital customer journey in global mobility.

Your 4 step path to Bearing68°

Step 1.
Planning and Analysis

First, we determine your goals and needs for integrating your digital global mobility application. We'll analyze your current business processes to identify areas where the integrated solutions can improve efficiency or provide new opportunities. Together we determine the best approach, based on the requirements, budget, and timeline of the integration.

Step 2.
Design and Development

Next, we'll design and develop the necessary systems for the integration. We connect with various third-party systems and services using APIs to enhance the application's capabilities. If necessary, we build new infrastructure or modify existing systems to support the application's functionality.

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Step 3.
Testing and Deployment

Before the application is fully integrated, we test the application's individual components and integration to ensure all systems work together properly. User acceptance testing ensures the application meets the needs of the organization and its users.

Step 4.
Maintenance and Support

Once the integration solution is deployed, ongoing maintenance and support will be necessary. We'll monitor performance, address any bugs or issues that arise, and make updates or modifications as needed to keep the integration up-to-date.

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Connect your applications

Do you want to integrate your global mobility processes and get more out of your application landscape? Contact Bearing68° and discover what we can do for you. Thanks to our years of experience in the industry, we know exactly where the challenges lie in your processes and how technology can help you achieve a smoother customer journey.

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