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Compensate your climate impact with ecolegIT

ecolegIT is the sustainability program for the moving and global mobility industry. It not only compensates the CO2 emission of individual moves, but structurally changes how moves are performed. ecolegIT helps you significantly increase the sustainability of your company’s global mobility program, while at the same time improving the mobility experience for your mobility managers and assignees thanks to the use of the latest relocation & moving technology during the moving process.

The ecolegIT program offers you full insight into your emission compensations through the online ecolegIT portal. See which of your contractors have already filed their moves for your company, and check the compensation and audit status of these moves.

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The best pricing insights through ReloPricing

ReloPricing automates the pricing, distribution and booking process of your organization, for both intercontinental and domestic moves. It matches move requests and service orders in real-time to the best qualified suppliers. ReloPricing’s sophisticated rules engine is designed to manage complex account distribution criteria such as: supplier location, capacity, minimum volumes, service quality, claims, transit time, and price - not to mention alternative modes of transport.

ReloPricing makes it easier to set-up pricing and quoting. It automates even the most complicated booking and distribution processes. And allows you to quickly collect and analyze rates to adequately respond to RFP’s.

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The perfect insurance coverage for each move with Bolster

Are you an employer dealing with moving multiple employees a year? Or a moving company looking for a reliable insurance partner that you can confidently recommend to clients? Bolster provides expats with a carefree relocation experience and prevents them from being underinsured. Our user-friendly digital tool offers a tailored solution for every situation. Simply register the move details, specify household items that need to be moved – including high-value special items – and be assured of the perfect coverage for each situation.

By using Bolster, you are assured of coverage based on situational needs, easy claim handling and staying in control easily via the MyBolster dashboard. Offer a great moving experience while you get to focus on your core business.

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